Our Language Trip to England (Cambridge)


Our journey started on March 4th

Our journey started on March 4th, an early Saturday morning. We flew to London Heathrow and then continued with a two our bus ride to the center of Cambridge. There we got picked up by taxis which brought us to our host families.

Sunday: On the next day we went back to London with a tour guide who told us interesting facts about the city. He was very entertaining, although he was sometimes a little clueless. We also had some free-time to explore London on our own. Our friend group went to Oxford street, where we were able to go shopping. Then we ended the trip in a cute little café and came back to Cambridge. This was definitely our favourite day!

Monday: Our actual english school life started and it was our first time at the language school. After taking a test, we got separated into groups of different language proficiency levels. We mostly discussed important topics in our lessons like the appearance of a person and different criminal offenses. In the afternoon we had an orientation tour in Cambridge, where we were able to see the different colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Tuesday: In the morning we went to school by bus and luckily arrived there on time at 9 a.m. which is when we had to be there. Fortunately, the school days weren’t too long and the lessons ended at 12:15. After school we went to a beautiful little town called Ely, where we were able to visit an impressive cathedral and admire the charm of the city.

Wednesday: After our usual school day, we went to the Fitzwilliam-Museum in Cambridge. Our teachers gave us some questions about the exhibits, which we had to answer. In the end our team won, because we earned the most points and got some chocolate.

Thursday: In the morning we went to school as usual. But in the evening we went to the “ADC” theatre where we watched a play called “Charly’s Aunt”. The actors were students of the university of Cambridge. It was funny and we had a great time: it was also a nice way to spend the evening and do something with the whole group.

Friday: On our last day, we played a lot of games at school with our brilliant teachers. After that we went to a bowling alley and had a lot of fun. There we were also able to go shopping and play other games in an arcade.

Saturday: In the morning we packed our bags, said goodbye to the host families and got picked up by taxis, which brought us to the city center. We took a coach back to London Heathrow and flew to Vienna. The flight was quite turbulent but in the end, we arrived safely at home.

Ida & Paula 6C