“From Baby Boomers to Gen Z“:  Understanding the generations

This was the topic of a week-long project carried out in English in class 6C.
The class was divided into groups of 4 and each group was “assigned“ a generation. The task was to do research and to come up with a creative way of presenting their generation. From singing a song, to doing interviews, creating a podcast or making a short video…everything was allowed!

Here are some examples of the great results!

ok boomer
it all started with the generation protecting their nation
thinking they had a better education
after the war there was a baby boom filling the room
they grew up with sweat, yet they didn’t have the internet
they don’t like other generations because they think they’re the only good population
they are hard working like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to always get to the tops
they say: ”we used to reach our goals, but nowadays all you do is scroll”
climate change is a rumor?
ok boomer!

(Lena, Ida, Luca, Anna Rosa)

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